Chandra, Cuore di Fuoco 3RedRed

(Chandra, Heart of Fire)
Planeswalker Leggendario - Chandra
Chandra, Cuore di Fuoco
Josu Hernaiz


+1: Scarta la tua mano, poi esilia le prime tre carte del tuo grimorio. Fino alla fine del turno, puoi giocare le carte esiliate in questo modo.
+1: Chandra, Cuore di Fuoco infligge 2 danni a un qualsiasi bersaglio.
-9: Passa in rassegna il tuo cimitero e il tuo grimorio per un qualsiasi numero di carte istantaneo e/o stregoneria rosse, esiliale, poi rimescola il tuo grimorio. Puoi lanciarle in questo turno. Aggiungi sei Red.


  • 6/23/2020 If you have no cards in hand, you still exile three cards while resolving Chandra’s first ability and you may play them this turn.
  • 6/23/2020 You must follow the normal timing permissions and restrictions for the exiled cards for Chandra’s first and last abilities. If one is a land, you can’t play it unless you have land plays available.
  • 6/23/2020 You’ll still pay all costs for a spell cast this way, including additional costs. You may also pay alternative costs if any are available.
  • 6/23/2020 If you don’t play the exiled cards, they remain exiled.
  • 6/23/2020 Because it’s a loyalty ability, Chandra’s last ability isn’t a mana ability. It can be activated only any time you could cast a sorcery. It uses the stack and can be responded to.
(Regolamenti aggiornati 2 anni fa)


  • standard: Non legale
  • future: Non legale
  • historic: Legale
  • pioneer: Legale
  • modern: Legale
  • legacy: Legale
  • pauper: Non legale
  • vintage: Legale
  • penny: Non legale
  • commander: Legale
  • brawl: Non legale
  • duel: Legale
  • oldschool: Non legale
  • gladiator: Legale
  • premodern: Non legale
  • historicbrawl: Legale
  • paupercommander: Non legale
  • alchemy: Non legale
  • explorer: Legale
  • predh: Non legale
  • oathbreaker: Legale

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