Makeshift Munitions 1Red

"Grease up a firecannon good and proper with dinosaur-liver oil, and it'll shoot just about anything."
Makeshift Munitions
Filip Burburan


1, Sacrifice an artifact or creature: Makeshift Munitions deals 1 damage to any target.


  • 11/10/2020 If an artifact or creature has an ability allowing you to sacrifice it for mana, you can’t sacrifice that permanent to generate mana and also to pay the sacrifice cost for the activated ability of Makeshift Munitions.
(Regolamenti aggiornati 2 anni fa)


  • standard: Non legale
  • future: Non legale
  • historic: Legale
  • pioneer: Legale
  • modern: Legale
  • legacy: Legale
  • pauper: Legale
  • vintage: Legale
  • penny: Non legale
  • commander: Legale
  • brawl: Non legale
  • duel: Legale
  • oldschool: Non legale
  • gladiator: Legale
  • premodern: Non legale
  • historicbrawl: Legale
  • paupercommander: Legale
  • alchemy: Non legale
  • explorer: Legale
  • predh: Non legale
  • oathbreaker: Legale

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