Abyssal Gatekeeper 1Black

Creatura - Orrore
"There are two ways for me to pass this gate. One involves you remaining conscious." —Gerrard of the Weatherlight
Abyssal Gatekeeper
Mark Tedin


When Abyssal Gatekeeper dies, each player sacrifices a creature.


  • 10/4/2004 The “sacrifice a creature” effect is not targeted. It can affect creatures with protection from black, for example.
  • 4/1/2008 The player whose turn it is chooses a creature to sacrifice, then each other player in turn order chooses a creature to sacrifice, then all chosen creatures are sacrificed at the same time.
(Regolamenti aggiornati 2 anni fa)


  • standard: Non legale
  • future: Non legale
  • frontier: Non legale
  • modern: Non legale
  • legacy: Legale
  • pauper: Legale
  • vintage: Legale
  • penny: Non legale
  • commander: Legale
  • 1v1: Legale
  • duel: Legale
  • brawl: Non legale
  • oldschool: Non legale
  • historic: Non legale
  • pioneer: Non legale
  • gladiator: Non legale
  • premodern: Legale
  • historicbrawl: Non legale
  • paupercommander: Legale
  • alchemy: Non legale
  • explorer: Non legale
  • predh: Legale
  • oathbreaker: Legale

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