Diavoli Spezzamagie 5Red

(Charmbreaker Devils)
Creatura - Diavolo
Diavoli Spezzamagie
Dan Scott


All'inizio del tuo mantenimento, riprendi in mano una carta istantaneo o stregoneria a caso dal tuo cimitero.Ogniqualvolta lanci una magia istantaneo o stregoneria, i Diavoli Spezzamagie prendono +4/+0 fino alla fine del turno.


  • 11/17/2017 The instant or sorcery card returned to your hand is chosen at random as Charmbreaker Devils’s first ability resolves. If any player responds to the ability, that player won’t yet know what card will be returned.
  • 11/17/2017 Because the first ability doesn’t target the instant or sorcery card, any instants or sorceries put into your graveyard in response to that ability may be returned to your hand.
  • 11/17/2017 All players get to see which card you chose at random as it’s returned to your hand.
(Regolamenti aggiornati 2 anni fa)


  • standard: Non legale
  • future: Non legale
  • frontier: Non legale
  • modern: Legale
  • legacy: Legale
  • pauper: Non legale
  • vintage: Legale
  • penny: Legale
  • commander: Legale
  • 1v1: Legale
  • duel: Legale
  • brawl: Non legale
  • oldschool: Non legale
  • historic: Legale
  • pioneer: Non legale
  • gladiator: Legale
  • premodern: Non legale
  • historicbrawl: Legale
  • paupercommander: Non legale
  • alchemy: Non legale
  • explorer: Non legale
  • predh: Non legale
  • oathbreaker: Legale

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