Mishra's Manufactory (cont'd)

Mishra's Manufactory (cont'd)
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line. Cards then slide forward to fill in the gap, and a card from the deck is added to the back of the line. Drafted cards are kept face up in front of each player, grouped by color (including colorless.) Play then passes clockwise.
Lands are wild (they count as any color, including colorless), and a multicolored card can be any of its colors. When you draft a wild or multicolored card, declare its color and place it in the corresponding group.
The game ends when all cards have been collected. For each color, the player with the largest group of cards of that color gets *3 points*, and the player with the second largest group gets *2 points*. The card with the highest mana value breaks ties. If there is still a tie, each tied player gets half the points, rounded up.
Players also earn points for the number of groups they've collected: four groups = *2 points*, five groups = *4 points*, six groups = *6 points*.
The player with the most points wins!


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