Turf Wound 2Red

"I can't imagine how anyone lives in Shiv, let alone why they choose to stay." —Sisay
Turf Wound
Thomas Gianni


Target player can't play lands this turn.
Draw a card.


  • 10/4/2004 Stops the player from playing a land, but not from putting a land onto the battlefield using a spell or ability.
(Rulings updated 2 years ago)


  • standard: Not legal
  • future: Not legal
  • frontier: Not legal
  • modern: Not legal
  • legacy: Legal
  • pauper: Legal
  • vintage: Legal
  • penny: Not legal
  • commander: Legal
  • 1v1: Legal
  • duel: Legal
  • brawl: Not legal
  • oldschool: Not legal
  • historic: Not legal
  • pioneer: Not legal
  • gladiator: Not legal
  • premodern: Legal
  • historicbrawl: Not legal
  • paupercommander: Legal
  • alchemy: Not legal
  • explorer: Not legal
  • predh: Legal
  • oathbreaker: Legal

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