Hungering Yeti 4Red

Creature - Yeti
No clan is as adept at saying "go away" as the Temur.
Hungering Yeti
Tyler Jacobson


As long as you control a green or blue permanent, you may cast Hungering Yeti as though it had flash. (You may cast it any time you could cast an instant.)


  • 11/24/2014 Hungering Yeti checks if you control a green or blue permanent only as you begin to cast it. Once you begin to cast Hungering Yeti as though it had flash, it doesn’t matter what happens to the green or blue permanents you control.
(Rulings updated 3 years ago)


  • standard: Not legal
  • future: Not legal
  • frontier: Legal
  • modern: Legal
  • legacy: Legal
  • pauper: Not legal
  • vintage: Legal
  • penny: Not legal
  • commander: Legal
  • 1v1: Legal
  • duel: Legal
  • brawl: Not legal
  • oldschool: Not legal
  • historic: Not legal
  • pioneer: Legal
  • gladiator: Not legal
  • premodern: Not legal
  • historicbrawl: Not legal
  • paupercommander: Not legal
  • alchemy: Not legal
  • explorer: Not legal
  • predh: Not legal
  • oathbreaker: Legal
  • timeless: Not legal
  • standardbrawl: Not legal

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