Branching Bolt 1RedGreen

"Lightning lives in everything, in living flesh and growing things. It must be set free." —Rakka Mar
Branching Bolt
Vance Kovacs


Choose one or both —
• Branching Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature with flying.
• Branching Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature without flying.


  • 10/1/2008 You may choose just the first mode (targeting a creature with flying), just the second mode (targeting a creature without flying), or both modes (targeting a creature with flying and a creature without flying). You can’t choose a mode unless there’s a legal target for it.
(Rulings updated 3 years ago)


  • standard: Not legal
  • future: Not legal
  • frontier: Not legal
  • modern: Legal
  • legacy: Legal
  • pauper: Legal
  • vintage: Legal
  • penny: Legal
  • commander: Legal
  • 1v1: Legal
  • duel: Legal
  • brawl: Not legal
  • oldschool: Not legal
  • historic: Not legal
  • pioneer: Not legal
  • gladiator: Not legal
  • premodern: Not legal
  • historicbrawl: Not legal
  • paupercommander: Legal
  • alchemy: Not legal
  • explorer: Not legal
  • predh: Legal
  • oathbreaker: Legal
  • timeless: Not legal
  • standardbrawl: Not legal

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