Laccolith-Montur Red

(Laccolith Rig)
Verzauberung - Aura
Massimilano Frezzato


Immer wenn die verzauberte Kreatur geblockt wird, kannst Du sie einer Kreatur Deiner Wahl Schaden in Höhe ihrer Stärke zufügen lassen. Wenn Du dies tust, fügt die verzauberte Kreatur in diesem Zug keinen Kampfschaden zu.


  • 10/4/2004 If placed on a Laccolith creature, both this card’s ability and the Laccolith’s ability will trigger and have their effect.
  • 10/4/2004 If this is on an opponent’s creature, the controller of this card (not the creature’s controller) decides whether to use this card’s ability or not, and decides what the target will be.
  • 10/4/2004 The ability triggers even if a spell or ability makes it blocked, instead of being blocked by a creature.
  • 10/4/2004 It can target any creature on the battlefield, not just one of the ones blocking it.
  • 10/4/2004 The ability allows you to deal damage during the declare blockers step of combat, which is well before even first strike creatures deal damage.
  • 10/4/2004 The ability is optional. You can decide to allow it to deal combat damage as normal.
  • 10/15/2006 Moving the enchantment after the ability triggers will not affect which creatures are affected.
(Rulings updated vor 1 Jahr)


  • standard: Not legal
  • future: Not legal
  • frontier: Not legal
  • modern: Not legal
  • legacy: Legal
  • pauper: Legal
  • vintage: Legal
  • penny: Not legal
  • commander: Legal
  • 1v1: Legal
  • duel: Legal
  • brawl: Not legal
  • oldschool: Not legal
  • historic: Not legal
  • pioneer: Not legal
  • gladiator: Not legal
  • premodern: Legal
  • historicbrawl: Not legal
  • paupercommander: Legal
  • alchemy: Not legal
  • explorer: Not legal

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